Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Western Influence on Indian wear

Green Anarkali Suit
With westernisation in all spheres of our lives, Indian dresses have also been hunted by the western affect. How many of you swear by those dhotis or plain sarees like our ancestors used to? Well, the count must be very less. We all live in a fashion era that absorbs diverse foreign trends completely into Indian trends such that it becomes difficult to identify its true origin. 

Let’s have a look on the major reasons for western influence on Indian ethnic wear:

Affect of Globalisation

The globalisation has made all countries closely knitted and inter-connected with one other. As a result the western fashion is embraced in India and the fashion designers have woven touch of western cuts and designs on Indian dresses. This is very evident in designer sarees with strapless blouse, stringed blouse or backless blouse. 
Indian Women Winning Crowns on International platforms

In recent years, many of Indian women having won international beauty pageants have made the country feel proud and no wonder their dressing style influences women’s fashion in India. The dresses adorned by them are intermingling of western and Indian trends; thereby these become the latest fad amongst general folks to follow.

Bollywood Movies

Bollywood is recognized as the biggest trend setter and whatsoever is happening in movies is imitated by most of us. Bollywood apparel designers make it a point to add glamour in Indian dresses. For instance the traditional Anarkali salwar kameez is patterned into long length flared Anarkali commonly known as Indian one piece dress, a counterpart of western one piece. Most of movies follow western patterns in dressing and thereby it is natural on our part to swear by Bollywood fashion quotient.

Impact of Liberalization

With liberalization imports from different countries is flooded in India and it became easier to trap latest western fashion in clothing. As a result, fashion designer have engraved western designs in wedding lehenga choli, salwar suits, ready pleated sarees and alike keeping in mind both the western and Indian sensibilities.

Use and throw concept
Designer Anarkali Suit

Street wear trend commonly recognized as use and throw concept in clothes is highly popular in western countries and thereby is slowly firing up in India. Street wear clothes are inexpensive with low grade quality that are worn a couple of times and then discarded. While Indian designer dresses available in leading online store like gravity fashion are highly durable and made from fine fabrics like cotton, georgette, silk, etc. People in India are adapting Street wear concept in casual wear but for formal occasions they prefer traditional designer dresses.

The theme and essence being the Indian fashion scene is entirely under the impact of the west. The patterns and designs have been proficiently entangled into the Indian Fashion Industry.


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