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Get Ready for a Show Stopping Appeal with TV Actresses Styled Sarees

Gone are the days when Bollywood divas were looked upon as trend setters for Indian women and fashion industry. It is the TV serial actresses that have now taken the whole Indian fashion industry by a storm with their show stopping designer sarees, bright anarakali suits and exotic lehenga choli dresses.

As more and more women watch Akshara’s designer sarees, get envious of Madhubala’s breathtaking anarkalis and desire for Anandi’s ethnic lehenga choli their wardrobe too get inspired from these beautiful and brilliant designer dresses.
Archana from Pavitra Rishta in Saree
Archana from Pavitra Rishta in Saree

Carefully designed keeping in mind the taste and sensibilities of fashion savvy Indian women, each peice from these TV serial actresses sarees is unique and a master peice in itself. Actress Hina Khan’s designer sarees perfectly showcase the combination of tradition and ethnicity with their exclusive detailing, rich embroidery work and exotic color combinations.

However, if you are for a more contemporary appeal and fashionable look, you can go in for Madhubala’s gorgeous anarkali dresses epitomising Indian tradition at its fashionable best. These not just look regal and splendorous but also impart a sophisticated and elegant look upon the wearer.

For a lady who wants to feel like a true Indian princess, no outfit can beat the aura and sophistication of a well draped and elegantly crafted designer saree. So, whether you want a glamorous look for a happening party or classy traditional appeal for a special and ceremonius occasion these latest design TV serial actresses sarees are the best picks for any occasion.

The good news is that you can now find all these gorgeous TV serial actresses sarees in large varieties, designs, colors, fabrics and work online at Gravity Fashion, a premium online saree shop for fashionable ethnic clothing and wedding couture.

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can now buy TV serial actresses sarees online and get the look of your favorite TV star, be it Madhubala or Akshara in an instant. So ladies, what are you waiting for, visit Gravity Fashion and buy your favorite TV serial actress saree now.

This collection blends traditional and ethnic designs with a modern and progressive outlook and features pieces that are not only culturally rich but also have fantastic colours and unique designs that will bring out the true meaning of beauty in you.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Top Benefits of Buying Bridal Lengha Online

Getting married and confused about where to buy your bridal lengha from? Congratulations, you have landed up just at the right place. The write up is not just about the benefits and advantages of buying lehenga choli online for grand or special occasion like a wedding ceremony but will also help you decide what kind of bridal lengha will suit you and where to buy lehenga online in India.

So before extolling on the virtues of bridal shopping online, let me inform you about the latest trends and kind of bridal lengha you should buy. While, the latest trends in bridal wear is all for fusion and Indo-western wear, the traditional heavy flared, crimson colored and thickly embroidered remains the popular choice of most Indian brides.

You can certainly go for the chic mermaid style, gown style and straight cut lehengas if you are blessed with a great silhouette  and even if you don’t happen to be on the thinner side of the scale, you can experiment with different colors, shades, cuts, and work for a fashionable appeal.

Aesthetic Crimson & Maroon Lehenga Choli
Aesthetic Crimson & Maroon Lehenga Choli
Item Code: GF132255
For more Lehenga designs, visit

As for the fabric, stick to no fuss fabrics like georgette, chiffon and silk if you are a little sceptical about the whole look, while you can easily go for and experiment with luxe fabrics like net, tissue, organza if you want to go for a bold and sensuous appeal.

Now the next question comes, where to buy your bridal lehenga from. With gigantic variety, easy availability, accessibility, convenience and comfort presented by online saree shops, online shopping for your bridal lengha certainly forms a timeless and effortless way for otherwise cumbersome and time consuming wedding shopping.

Moreover, as products come to you direct from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved, online shopping also offers attractive designer products by famous fashion designers at the most cost effective and reasonable prices.

Also, as you can easily avoid the crowds, sticky sales men and thronging streets or markets of conventional shopping, online shopping is the best option for wedding shopping where you need to buy wedding dresses with complete ease, planning, focus and attention.

However, despite the endless benefits of online shopping, it also poses a risk due to anonymity. So you must consider the online shopping store very well before making a purchase. One great online fashion shopping store in India that you can easily trust and rely upon is Gravity Fashion.

Not only the store provides excellent variety of high quality wedding wear online through its collaboration with country’s top fashion suppliers and designers but also offers a highly safe and secure payment gateway with a friendly round the clock available customer support at your service.

So girls buy bridal lengha online from Gravity Fashion and make your wedding night memorable and cherish able event. 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Saree Fashion Tips for Winter Season

Saree, one of the most traditional of Indian outfits is also one of the most popular of all ethnic outfits for women. And with the recent rage of designer ethnic wear, designer sarees especially celebrity style sarees and Bollywood replica sarees have become the hottest fashion statement for women across the world.

While, you can easily flaunt your taste for fashion and show offf your curves in a weall draped designer saree during summer, spring or autumn season, when it comes to the cold winter season, even the most stylish fashionistas of the town scrunch at the thought  of wearing a saree to a special occasion or function.

So if you too are one those who love wearing sarees to any occasion or function, you must read this write up before winter sets in putting a big question mark on all your style and glam quotient. After all you can either flaunt your curves and saree design or stay warm for a winter occasion. However, with the following fashion tips, you can do both, i.e., indulge in glamour, yet stay cozy.

Gorgeous Black & Off White Embroidered Saree
Gorgeous Black & Off White Embroidered Saree
Item Code: GF132274
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Don’t believe me? Read the following tips:

Time to Show Some Love for Silk:

With winters setting in, it is time to bring out all those classic silk sarees stored deep into your closet and show them some love by wearing these designer pieces on special and ceremonius functions. Silk is not just a soft, smooth and sensuous fabric but also helps you keeeping warm in winter months.

Wear Long Sleeved Blouses to Look Sleek and Stay Warm:

Long sleeved blouses not just look sleek and elegant, giving you a highly classy and sophisticated appeal but also help you stay warm in winter months. So who says, you have to sacrifice fashion in winters?

Flaunt Your Boho-Chic Appeal with Jackets:

While, wearing a jacket over your regular saree can distinguish your look, you can also chose to throw a big fashion statement with the latest desiign Indo-western sarees and team them up with stylish jackets for uber boho-chic appeal and style statement.

Drape the Dark to Ignite Your Spark:

Dark colors can not only help you stay cozy and warm for winter months but can also bring out the best of your complexion making you look radiant for a picture perfect look.

Style Your Saree with a Warm Shawl:

You can style any designer saree with a beautiful shawl. In fact a good quality and well embroidered shawl can even bring on the spark of an otherwise plain saree. Either place it across your shoulder or simply wear on the other side of the pallu, you can make any saree look classy and elegant with a designer shawl.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How to Dress Up for the Upcoming Diwali Fest

Come Diwali and comes the time for rejoicing, celebrating, feasting and ofcourse extravagant shopping and lavish dressing too. Diwali is a time when people visit each other’s places, return gifts, and indulge in feasting and fireworks together. No wonder, on such an occasion everyone and women in particular would love to dress up and flaunt their best looks around.

Now with October coming to an end, Diwali is just around the corner. While, many of you would have already started experimenting with different looks and attires to look good and stand out from the crowd, following are some tips and advice most of you can follow to look your fashionable best for this upcoming Diwali fest:

Attractive Dresses for Diwali:

Bollywood Anarkali Suits:

These are the latest fashion rage among women of all age groups, especially young modern girls. From the hands of famous fashion designers like Tarun Tahilani, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla etc. these anarkali salwar suits stand at the perfect confluence of the today and tomorrow, east and west. 

With designs like gown style, mughal fashion, and achkan pattern, these anarkali dresses look extremely chic and sophisticated.

Celebrity Style Sarees:

Popularised by none other than Bollywood divas, these designer sarees in luxe and sensuous fabrics like chiffon, net, tissue, and organza, can truly make you the talk of the town with their show stopping appeal.

So if you actually want to celebrate Diwali celeb style, why not don their favorite outfit and light the diyas looking gracious, ceremonius, and super stylish. You can find the exact Bollywood replica sarees online for ultimate showstopping look from Gravity Fashion, premium online store for most fashionable and high quality ethnic garments.

Festive and Party Wear Lehengas:

If you are some one, who loves to experiment with different looks and attitudes, the best way to dress up for this diwali would be to wear something really bold and sassy like a lehenga choli. 

Available in a wide variety of designs, patterns and styles like Indo-western, mermaid style, traditional flared lehenga or straight cut lehenga, you can easily create the look you want to look appealing and attractive for the festival.
Lastly, before you pick up any outfit in your zeal to look different and unique for the fest, make sure that you are comfortable in the outfit to present your best foot forward. After all, there is no greater fashion faux pas than wearing an outfit you can’t carry well.

Easy Ways to Drape a Saree in Gujarati Style

Saree is one of the most traditional yet one of the most flexible and attractive outfit for women. Also known as the national attire for Indian women, saree can be draped in any way and style to suit not just the personality and taste of the wearer but also the ethnicity and geographical location of the wearer as well. As such, we have saree in Gujarati style, Bengali style, Punjabi style, Maharashtrian style, popular style and even Bollywood style.

While, contenporary style is one of the most popular way of draping a saree, if you are looking to wear a saree for some festive or ceremonius occasion, then Gujarati style showing your full pallu in front is one of the most wonderful style to flaunt your traditional and cultural sense. Even if you are bored of wearing your saree in the same contemporary style for every party or occasion, wearing your saree in Gujarati style is one of the most simple and convenient way to don a different and trendy look.

Gujarati Style Saree
Gujarati Style Saree

So here are few simple steps you can follow to drape your saree in Gujarati style:

Step1. Unfold and Tuck

Unfold your saree and take it in both of your hands. By taking the ends in your hands, start tucking your saree inside the petticoat, beginning from the navel. Keeping the entire saree on the left, tuck the plain end inside the petticoat. Continue tucking, untill you take a complete turn.

Step2. Adjust and Recheck

After tucking and taking one complete circle, look yourself well before the mirror. Make adjustments if any vis-a-vis the height and length of the saree. To perfect this step, it is always suggested to wear your footwear before draping and tucking. To drape the saree to the right length, adjust the lower end of the saree as per the required height.

Ensure, it is neither too short to show your ankles or footwear, nor too long sweeping the floor. In ideal saree height, only the heel of the footwear is visible.

Step3. Form Pleats

Now this takes us to one of the most complicated part, i.e., forming pleats. For this, you should begin pleating the saree starting from the center of your waist. Holding the saree length between the thumb and finger of your right hand, start forming 3-4 inches wide pleats. Make around 6-7 pleats and hold all of them together firmly.

Step4. Ensure and Tuck

Before tucking the pleats at the center of your waist to your right side, ensure that all of the pleats are of equal length.

Step5. Set Aside Desired Pallu Length

Now this is actually one of the distinguishing steps that makes for a Gujarati style saree draping. Take the remaining saree to the left from your back and up over your right shoulder keeping the desired length for pallu.

Step6. Pleat the Pallu and Tuck it in Front

To complete your Gujarati style saree draping, after setting aside the pallu length, fold the pallu into pleats and tuck the left bottom edge of the pallu inside the petticoat. Finally, secure the pleats and pallu with a pin and you are ready to rock the dandiya or grace the garba with your pure Gujarati looks!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Glamorize Your Persona with Beautiful Bollywood Sarees by Famous Designers

Today, the hottest trend that is going ga ga all over the country is the recent rage and craze for Bollywood replica dresses especially among the hearts of young modern girls. Also there is no denying the fact that when it comes to looking stylish and fashionable, there is not other better way to flaunt your style and fashion statement than by draping a beautiful Bollywood saree designed by famous fashion designers.

So Bollywood dresses have been, are, and will remain a major influence when it comes to fashion and the latest trend. What ever the Bollywood damsels wear and drape in arecent movie or on a latest function or show, becomes a fashion statement in itself. So if you are looking to appear fashionable and attractive for a special occasion or function coming your way, we suggest you to go by the Bollywood way and browse through the latest collection of beautiful Bollywood designer sarees online.

Anushka Sharma In Off White Saree At IIFA Awards
Anushka Sharma In Off White Saree At IIFA Awards
Item Code: GF7015
For detailed description about this saree, click on the image above. 

As most Bollywood fashionistas are spotted draped in designer sarees and beautiful anarakali dresses it is evident that traditional has become the new modern. So when everyone around is buying Bollywood sarees by famous designers, why should you be left and lagged behind. To follow the latest trend or latest craze of Bollywood designer sarees, we suggest you to visit Gravity Fashion, a premium online shopping store for fashionable Indian garments and wedding couture.

Since the store has tie ups with the country’s top fashion suppliers and designers, you can expect to find the best and the latest in modern ethnic fashion. So ladies feel assured to find your favorite Bollywood saree by famous designers like Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla or Tarun Tahilani in Gravity’s wide range of Bollywood sarees and other latest collection of beautiful designer sarees online.

Featuring a wide pallete of vibrant colors, eclectic designs, sophisticated work and and delicate embroidery, don’t think twice when you take your pick from this latest collection of beautiful designer designer sarees online worn by the famous B town divas as each piece from this designer Bollywood collection is going to sell like hot cakes.

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Fashion Tips to Fill Your Wardrobe with Style and Glamour

Does everytime you open your wardrobe for some special occasion, you scrunch at the thought of not finding a single wearable outfit fit? Is your wardrobe in need of a deep fashionable makeover? Would you like to update your wardrobe with gorgeous designer dresses to fill it with style and fashion? If yes, then read on the rest of the entry to discover tips and advice to infuse your wardrobe with the latest trend and style.

1. Collect as Many as Anarkali Salwar Suits:

Anarkali salwar kameez is one style that is not just the latest rage but also one that never goes out of fashion. So you should have them in various designs, colors and work to fill your wardrobe with the latest trend and beautiful dresses. Buy Bollywood anarakali suits online or designer anarkali suits, these look good on all girls and can turn every girl into a style diva.

Mesmerizing Ivory, Royal Blue & Tomato Salwar Kameez
Mesmerizing Ivory, Royal Blue & Tomato Salwar Kameez   
Item Code: GF131667
To buy this dress, you can send us an email at with Item Code.  

2. Get Different Designer Sarees:

Another hot attire you must have in your wardrobe is different types of designer sarees. Available in a lot of variety of fabrics like chiffon, net, tissue, georgette, and organza, designer sarees look extremely graceful and and attractive for formal occasions. You can go for the latest design lehenga sarees, pre stiched sarees, or Indo-western sarees if you want to look trendy and stylish in your sarees or find saree draping a difficult task.

3. One Bollywood Replica Saree is a Must:

To take off any occasion or function with your show stopping looks, one Bollywood replica saree of your favorite actress or celebrity is must addition to your wardrobe. So if you want to look and feel like a celebrity for some special and memorable occasion, update your wardrobe with celebrity sarees online worn by real actresses on real occasions.

4. Rock Your Parties with Party Wear Lehenga Choli:

Grand occasions call for grand celebrations and splendorous looks. For grand festive and ceremonius occasions like Navratri, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, New Year Party etc. no outfit can look as great and grand as a special festive lehenga or party wear lehenga choli online. These festive or party lehengas are available in a wide variety of different designs and fabrics.

Featuring designs like mermaid style, straight cut, flared, and Indo-western lehengas in diverse fabrics like chiffon, net, tissue, georgette, organza and satin, a party wear lehenga choli in design and style appropritate to your personality and body type can actually rock your parties and make you the next happening diva of your town in an instant.

This Diwali Indulge in Guilt Free Luxury with 20% Off on All Designer Ethnic Wear

Come diwali and comes the time for shopping and purchasing. Shopping for necessary items like gifts, fireworks, sweets, home decor, clothes etc. can make you feel guilty when it comes to spending money on new clothes for yourself. So before you end up buying inexpensive stuff and compromise with your desires, read this.

With astounding designer outfits at 20% off you can indulge in guilt free shopping unleashing your biggest desires and shoppholic attitude. So be designer sarees, Bollywood style anarakali dresses, party lehenga cholis or celebrity replica sarees online, you can buy the outfit of your choice with digging a big hole in your pocket with all these attractive designer collection now available at 20 % flat discount on Gravity Fashion.

Attractive Deep Pink & Tomato Salwar Kameez
Attractive Deep Pink & Tomato Salwar Kameez
ItemCode: GF131361
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For those who still do not know about Gravity Fashion, let me tell you Gravity Fashion is a premium online shopping store for designer ethnic wear and traditional Indian garments. Although, the store specializes in wedding couture, it houses some of the finest collection of latest design designer ethnic clothing and Bollywood collection online.

As the store has tied up with the country's top fashion suppliers and designer to provide its customers with best wedding collection and designer ethnic wear, you can be sure of the excellent quality and fashion appeal of the garments. Now with all these gorgeous ethnic clothes available at 20% for Diwali festival, it definitely calls for grand celebration and total indulgence of your shopoholic attitude.

So folks prepare yourself to indulge in pure ethnic bliss with these beautiful designer sarees online, Bollywood anarkali suits and designer pary lehengas available at never before pocket friendly prices. Maintaining the class of tradition and mixing it with contemporary art, this range of latest design designer suits online at Gravity Fashion can make you look traditionally and stylishly perfect for this upcoming diwali fest.

So ladies this is time to get lost in celebration and festivities of the festival and fully indulge in your heart's deepest desires by buying gorgeous ethnic clothes online and infuse a mystical aura to your complete wardrobe, style, and personality.

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Why Bridal Lengha is the Best Wedding Outfit for the Indian Bride

It is said wedding outfit is the most important ensemble that a girl ever buys and wears in her life. After all, marriage happens to be the most cherished and memorable occasion in a girl's life, the day she has dreamed about all her life untill her wedding.

As the bride is like a mini celebrity on the day of her wedding with all attention and adulation fixed on her, naturally she desires to look nothing less than perfect on this auspicious day. Of all bridal preparations, it is the bridal outfit that forms the most important part of a girl's looks on the day of her wedding.

Adorable Buttercream Lehenga Choli
Adorable Buttercream Lehenga Choli
ItemCode: GF130227
To buy this dress, you can either visit our website or can send us an email at with Item Code. 
While, you can only see and admire the beautiful makeup and exquisite embroidery of the bride by getting close to her, you can easily spot her outfit. It is the bridal outfit that can make or mar the complete bridal look.

So when wedding is the occasion, no attire other than a carefully chosen bridal lehenga forms the perfect bridal outfit for any Indian bride. While, wedding sarees, wedding salwars and wedding gowns are also good options but none of these outfits can beat the opulence and aura of a bridal lengha.

Made from highly royal and exquisite fabrics like pure georgette, satin, net, organza and tissue, these embroidered bridal lenghas online are designed to make a bride look her best in every way and every fashion.

An embroidered bridal lengha with its exquisite flares, rich zari work, auspicious hues and eclectic design enhances the natural beauty of a bride to many folds thereby bringing on an ethereal radiance on her face.

Although, many fashion savvy brides are going for evening gowns these days for their bridal party dress, but when it comes to the heavenly bridal beauty imparted by a designer bridal lengha online, these stylish wedding outfits fail bigtime.

On the other hand, bridal lehenga not only imparts a dazzling imperial aura to the bride but also makes her look trendy and fashionable. These days, bridal lenghas are available in a variety of styles and fabrics including the mermaid style and Indo western lehengas for the stylish brides.

Versatility is therefore a prime feature of contemporary bridal lehengas online that suits each and every taste. Even if the bride has little makeup or light jewellery, a heavily embellished bridal lehenga can easily cover up the lack and impart a dazzling appeal to the bride.

So girls, if you have wedding bells ringing on the cards, we suggest you forget all the rest and go by the best bridal outfit by browsing through the collection of latest design bridal lenghas online at Gravity Fashion

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Karwa Chauth & Diwali Offer FLAT 20% Off on Entire Range!

Unique Crimson Salwar Kameez
 Unique Crimson Salwar Kameez
Item Code: GF131462
Alluring Rose Pink Embroidered Saree
 Alluring Rose Pink Embroidered Saree
Item Code: GF131413
Attractive Deep Salmon & White Salwar Kameez
 Attractive Deep Salmon & White Salwar Kameez
Item Code: GF131311
 Exotic Deep Orange & Pink Salwar Kameez
Item Code: GF131374
 Fancy Off White Embroidered Saree
 Fancy Off White Embroidered Saree
Item Code: GF131299
Fascinating Brick Red Embroidered Saree
 Fascinating Brick Red Embroidered Saree
Item Code: GF131288
Magnificient Crimson & Deep Pink Embroidered Saree
 Magnificient Crimson & Deep Pink Embroidered Saree
Item Code: GF131300
Magnificient White & Yellow Salwar Kameez
 Magnificient White & Yellow Salwar Kameez
Item Code: GF131341
Sparkling Pale Buttercream & Pale Tomato Salwar Kameez
 Sparkling Pale Buttercream & Pale Tomato Salwar Kameez
Item Code: GF131349
Ravishing Deep Orange, Deep Purple & White Salwar Kameez
Ravishing Deep Orange, Deep Purple & White Salwar Kameez
Item Code: GF131536

Now you can SHOP online Sarees and Salwar Suits. Just drop an e-mail at our customer support will contact you within 1 business day.

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Designer Attires - Most Iconic Bridal Trousseau & Sarees

Alia Bhatt in Black Lehenga Choli
 Alia Bhatt in Black Designer Lehenga Choli at Idea FilmFare Awards

Bipasha Basu in Bridal Saree
 Bipasha Basu in Vikram Phadnis Embroidered Bridal Saree 

Esha Gupta in Bridal Lehenga
 Esha Gupta Looks Beautiful  in Red and Orange Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Red Lehenga
 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Beautiful Red Lehenga Choli at The Prestige Event 

Kareena Kapoor in Pink Designer Lehenga Choli
 Kareena Kapoor looks Gorgeous in Pink Net Designer Wedding Lehenga

Sonal Chauhan In pink Designer Lehenga
 Sonal Chauhan in Net Pink Embroidered Designer Lehenga 

Isha Koppikar in Beautiful red Gown
 Isha Koppikar in Red Gown at Big Marathi Awards 2013

Amisha Patel in Blue Net Leenga
 Amisha Patel Looking Beautiful in Net Embroidered Designer Lehenga

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Gold Saree
 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Tarun Tahiliani Gold Saree at Cannes

Deepika Padukone in Designer Saree
Deepika Padukone Looks Beautiful in Designer White Net Embroidery Saree

Now you can SHOP online Bridal Trousseau & Sarees. Just drop an e-mail at with product item code. Our customer support will contact you within 1 business day.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lend Grace to Your Look with Designer Saree in Pure Georgette

Saree is one of the most popular traditional Indian dress for women. While sarees make a woman look attractive and feminine, not all women look good in all kinds of sarees. For saree to look good on you, you must be very careful with the fabric of the saree, your draping style, kind of work done and the design of your blouse.

Captivating Navy Blue & Royal Blue Embroidered Saree
As the recent trend is for the net and tissue sarees, with most Bollywood damsels, ramp models, and famous fashionistas donning the sheer trend on most occasions and functions, be careful if you are tempted to buy a designer net saree online for its sheer texture, attractive appeal and trendy nature. Although, net sarees look highly trendy and beautiful, they don't suit the body types of all women.

So if you are a woman with a fuller figure or slightly healthy body structure, you must not go for the net sarees out of sheer craze for fashion or latest trend. Rather look for fabrics that compliment your bodytype and thus enhance your personality. Georgette, crepe, chiffon and silk are fabrics that look good all women and particularly women on the heavy side of the scale.

In fact georgette is one magical fabric that works to flatter any figure. So whether you are slim or fat, tall or short, georgette saree can lend that extra grace to your style, making you look highly appeasing and attractive, irrespective of your height or body type. And who says, georgette sarees are out of fashion. Rather designer georgette sarees online in various designs and styles are those timeless sarees that have have an everlasting appeal about them.

So, where trends come and go, fabrics become fashionable and out dated, designer georgette sarees are one of those rare fashion creations that can never go out of trend and fashion mainly because of their versatile nature, flexible texture, and vast space for innovation, creation and change. So girls, if you are looking to buy designer saree online, we suggest you invest in a good georgette saree with sophisticated zari and resham work to add oomph to your overall personality and style statement.

One place where you can buy excellent georgette sarees online is Gravity Fashion. As an online fashion shopping store, the store specializes in wedding couture and latest design Indian ethnic clothing. Since the store has parternerships with the country's top fashion suppliers, you can easily find great quality and latest design ethnic clothes online.

If you browse through their collection of designer georgette sarees online, you will be surprised by the sheer number, quality, versatality and attractive designs of pure georgette designer sarees online at Gravity Fashion. Sunch is the versatality of these designer sarees online, that you can easily wear them on any occasion or function.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Look Divine and Ethereal in Exotic Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali salwar kameez are adorning the pages of every online fashion store and every saree shop of your local market and mall. What makes these anarkali dresses so much popular in demand is basically their royal appeal and enigmatic elegance.

Available in bright colors, splendid embroidery, exquisite flares and lace work, these anarakali salwar kameez online in their various designs and textures can transform the look of any woman into a divine Goddess.
Green Off White Net Kalidar Suit
While, anarkali dresses are some of the most beautiful traditional outfits for women, even if you are not a fan of traditional look, you will completely love these latest design anarakali salwar kameez online out of their sheer contemporary nature in style and fashion.

Don't believe me? Have a look at the latest party wear anarkali salwar kameez online and Bollywood anarkali salwar kameez collection online at Gravity Fashion. You will be mesmerized by the variety and the beauty that each peice from this amazing salwar kameez collection online brings to the catalogue.

For those who do not know about Gravity Fashion, let me tell you Gravity Fashion is an online saree shopping store that specializes in wedding couture and ethnic Indian garments. The store has a an unparalled collection of latest design lehengas, party wear sarees, Bollywood replica sarees, mens sherwanis, kurtas and mesmerizing anarakali salwar kameez collection owing to its partnership with country's top fashion suppliers.

So if you are tempted to browse through the latest design anarkali salwar suit collection online at Gravity Fashion and buy anarkali salwar kameez online, worry not. As the store not only provides excellent quality and variety but also offers a secure payment gateway for its customers for a trouble free, fast, and reliable shopping experience.

An enviable blend of style and blaze, this anarakali salwar kameez is the perfect ensemble for a cool evening party or a lavish reception and wedding occasion. So be the exclusive queen of casual sumptuousness and luxury as you adorn yourself in this divine attire to spell bound and captivate all onlookers with your ethereal appeal.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Infuse an Extra Oomph to Your Style Statement with Diwali Special Sarees

Diwali is the most important festival in India. No doubt, the festival calls for big celebration and decoration. So when you pay extra importance to cleaning your house, decorating your home, buying gifts and preparing sweets, it is equally essential to wear special and unique clothes in the honor of the festival.

As Diwali is an auspicious Indian festival, the most appropriate outfit to wear for Diwali celebration is certainly some elegant traditional UIndian outfit. While, women can chose from a variety of options like sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga choli and anarakali dresses, men too have now a decent number of options and variety in latest design men's kurtas, jodhpuri suits and sherwanis online in different colors, designs and styles.

And since, Diwali is a festival of joy and lights, it demands you wear some of your most brightly colored and gleaming clothes for this festival. Also, the brighter and brand new an outfit, the better for celebrating Diwali festival. After all, Diwali comes only once in a year and you should make the most of this festivity to flaunt your grace and fashion statement.

With the recent boom in the ethnic wear market especially the designer ethnic clothes online and Bollywood collection online, wearing traditional outfits for festivals and formal occasions has rather become a fad. So if you are real lover of fashion and style, you must browse through the latest collection of festival sarees and festival lehenga choli online to not just flaunt your style and fashion sense but also give your Diwali celebration a much adored boast.

Diwali is known for dress for excess and therefore your outfit should be true reflection of splendor, light and illumination. For this reason go for saree designs online that are not just flushed with a riot of colors but also heavily embroidered with zari and resham work or embellishished with glittery stone work, bead work, mirror work, gen stones and other gleaming stone work to infuse extra oomph to your festive fashion statement for this Diwali festival.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Be a True Picture of Natural Beauty and Royal Elegance in Floor Length Anarkali Suits

Tantalizing Aqua Blue & Steel Blue Salwar Kameez

Anarkali suits have taken the entire ethnic fashion by storm. Every new designer salwar kameez you come across is styled in anarkali fashion and filled with royal grace. Innumerable flares, exotic embroidery, exquisite lace work and a sensual yoke steep anarakali salwar kameez with elegant glamor and a royal charm.

No wonder, these designer anarakali dresses online have become so popular and fashionable among women of all ages, cultures and geographies. Also, the availability of gorgeous ethnic wear online in various online fashion stores have enabled women across the globe to access these beautiful ethnic peices in various designs and styles.

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While, the store specializes in latest design wedding dresses and wedding couture online, you can also find a large variety of latest design ethnic dresses such as designer sarees, lehengas, salwar kameez, men's kurtas, sherwanis and Bollywood sarees and salwar kameez at highly discounted prices.

Featuring flamboyant anarakali dresses in various designs such as floor length anarakali suit, Bolly anarakali salwar kameez collection, festive anarakalis and party wear anarakali dresses, each peice from this diverse range of anarakali salwar kameez online at Gravity Fashion flaunts immaculate tailoring, sumptuously invigorating colours and dawdling patterns to bring out the natural beauty and royal elegance of a wman.

So buy floor length anarakali salwar kameez online and let your royal aura shine through in perfect grace and style.

Turn Up Your Impish Charm in Special Party Wear Sarees

The upcoming season is all about festivals, weddings, and parties. So girls, it is time to fasten your wardrobe for the upcoming party season with eye catching party wear dresses. Indule in guilt free shopping and pamper yourself to the ultimate luxury, after all, it is the call of the season and occasion and not simply your whim and vanity.

While, there are so many different kinds of party wear dresses out there in the market such as prom dresses, evening gowns, designer suits, formal skirts, little black dresses, and lehenga cholis, one outfit that stands out and stands the test of all trends, fashions, and times is a designer party wear saree.

Saree by its very nature speaks of class, elegance, and style. Browse through the latest party wear saree designs online and you will understand what I mean. Each peice of this online party wear saree collection displayed in various online shopping stores is unique and creativity defined in itself.

However, while saree is that wonderful that can make even a plain woman look beautiful, gorgeous and glamorous, not everone can carry a classic Indian saree with equal grace, elan and fashion statement. Draping a saree an art. And to look good in a saree you have to drape it perfectly.

So does that mean, if you do not know how to drape a saree well, you cannot wear or cannot look good in this classy attire? The good news is with the availability of ready pleated sarees and pre-stictched sarees online, now anyone and nearly everyone can drape and carry this elite ethnic outfit in admirable grace and glamor.

Actually, the only difficult part of wearing a saree and that prevents many modern Indian girls to embrace this eternal elegant garment and unleash their natural glamor and beauty is the draping and pleating part. In a prestictched saree or in a ready pleated saree, pleats are already formed and stitched for you.

So all you need to do to turn on your impish charm is to just slip in it, tuck it in, and take the pallu over your shoulders to rock the party. Gravity Fashion, an online saree shoping stopping has a remarkable collection of party wear sarees online and most of these glittery peices are either ready pleated or in lehenga style to give you that ease of wearing and panache os style.

So girls, what are you waiting for? It is time to grab this upcoming festival and party season and turn every occasion into an opportunity to flaunt your high taste of style and impeccable fashion statement in a well designed and perfectly draped party wear saree online.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Get Your Glam Quotient Right with Bollywood Replica Sarees

Have you ever dreamt of looking and feeling like your favorite celebrity? I am sure, there must be many moments on various special and ceremonius occasions, when you would have secretly wished for the glamor and attraction of a celebrity to have all attention and focus on your remarkable appeal. After all, if you are a woman, it is but natural to desire for the limelight.

While, this is so much true, equally true is the fact, you have dismissed the thought as a whim or an impractical and insignificant dream. Girls, there is no need to push the thought or feel celebs are celebs and you can't look and feel like them, when you actually can and have all that glamor and glitz of a Bollywood damsel at your fingertips with the easy availability and accessibility of Bollywood replica sarees online.

Anushka Sharma In Off White Saree At IIFA Awards
Anushka Sharma In Off White Saree At IIFA Awards
Item Code: GF7015
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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Leave Your Hubby Wondering with Your Irresistible Charm in Deisgner Net Saree

This Karwa Chauth surprise your husband with your unforgetable charming look. No, there is no need to spend extended hours at the parlour or saloon prepping your skin and fixing your hair for the show, all you need to do is just slip into some exotic and gorgeous dress.

So, if you have never draped a saree before, it is best to stun your hubby with a sensuous designer saree in sheer fabric. And if you haven't worn a lehenga choli or an anarkali dress earlier, why not please him with a touch a glamor in an appealing lehenga choli or opulent anarakali? So girls, take the cue and get ready to impress by dressing up your best.

Melodic Deep Blue & Orange Printed Saree
And common girls, it is a well acknowledged fact no attire can accentuate and admire a woman's natural curves in such a graceful and pleasing manner such as a traditional Indian saree. So wonder, no other look fascinates a man's eye more than a saree clad damsel in soft or luxurious fabric like chiffon.
So, if the day happens to be Karwa Chauth when you are supposed to please him with your charming appeal, a classic designer saree certainly proves to be the best outfit to wear for such an occasion. So girls, what are you waiting? Before delaying any further, get ready to buy designer saree online and indulge in your favourite shopping experience.

If, however, you are confused about from where you should get or buy a good designer saree online for Karwa Chauth, worry not, we are here to help you pick the right designer saree for yourself from the right online saree shop.

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Friday, 4 October 2013

Let Your Natural Glow Radiate Forth with Karwa Chauth Special Sarees

This Karwa Chauth let your natural beauty shine through with ravishing Karwa Chauth special sarees online. Featuring sarees that are crafted using the finest materials, coloured with an opulent glint and embellished with exquisite embroidery and rich gleaming stones, the range of Karwa Chauth special sarees is definitely going to transform you into beauty personified with your natural glow shining through.

Gorgeous Red Embroidered SareeSo ladies, it is time for guiltfree indulgence and total luxury as you set to buy designer sarees online from this special range of Karwa Chauth special collection. Hand picked and carefully chosen for women who want to pamper their beauty with soft resham, sheer net and radiant stones, the range of Kasrwa Chauth special sarees can transform even a plain looking woman into a dazzling diva.

With all these beautiful and wonderful designer sarees now available online along with the addition of Bollywood inspired and Bollywood replica sarees online at various online saree shopping stores, shopping for Karwa Chauth sarees has been so so easy and so much fun. You can now easily buy sarees online from some good online store to look your best this Karwa Chauth.

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