Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Easy Ways to Drape a Saree in Gujarati Style

Saree is one of the most traditional yet one of the most flexible and attractive outfit for women. Also known as the national attire for Indian women, saree can be draped in any way and style to suit not just the personality and taste of the wearer but also the ethnicity and geographical location of the wearer as well. As such, we have saree in Gujarati style, Bengali style, Punjabi style, Maharashtrian style, popular style and even Bollywood style.

While, contenporary style is one of the most popular way of draping a saree, if you are looking to wear a saree for some festive or ceremonius occasion, then Gujarati style showing your full pallu in front is one of the most wonderful style to flaunt your traditional and cultural sense. Even if you are bored of wearing your saree in the same contemporary style for every party or occasion, wearing your saree in Gujarati style is one of the most simple and convenient way to don a different and trendy look.

Gujarati Style Saree
Gujarati Style Saree

So here are few simple steps you can follow to drape your saree in Gujarati style:

Step1. Unfold and Tuck

Unfold your saree and take it in both of your hands. By taking the ends in your hands, start tucking your saree inside the petticoat, beginning from the navel. Keeping the entire saree on the left, tuck the plain end inside the petticoat. Continue tucking, untill you take a complete turn.

Step2. Adjust and Recheck

After tucking and taking one complete circle, look yourself well before the mirror. Make adjustments if any vis-a-vis the height and length of the saree. To perfect this step, it is always suggested to wear your footwear before draping and tucking. To drape the saree to the right length, adjust the lower end of the saree as per the required height.

Ensure, it is neither too short to show your ankles or footwear, nor too long sweeping the floor. In ideal saree height, only the heel of the footwear is visible.

Step3. Form Pleats

Now this takes us to one of the most complicated part, i.e., forming pleats. For this, you should begin pleating the saree starting from the center of your waist. Holding the saree length between the thumb and finger of your right hand, start forming 3-4 inches wide pleats. Make around 6-7 pleats and hold all of them together firmly.

Step4. Ensure and Tuck

Before tucking the pleats at the center of your waist to your right side, ensure that all of the pleats are of equal length.

Step5. Set Aside Desired Pallu Length

Now this is actually one of the distinguishing steps that makes for a Gujarati style saree draping. Take the remaining saree to the left from your back and up over your right shoulder keeping the desired length for pallu.

Step6. Pleat the Pallu and Tuck it in Front

To complete your Gujarati style saree draping, after setting aside the pallu length, fold the pallu into pleats and tuck the left bottom edge of the pallu inside the petticoat. Finally, secure the pleats and pallu with a pin and you are ready to rock the dandiya or grace the garba with your pure Gujarati looks!!



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