Friday, 30 August 2013

Gorgeous Lehenga Style Sarees for Navratri

Alluring Deep Salmon & Blue Embroidered Saree

Navratri is a much awaited and highly celebrated festival of India. While, the main hot spots of the festival are the Dandiya and the Garba dancing, young men and women take equal interest in dressing up special and great for the festival. As navratri is a festival of colors and bright clothes, the best navratri dresses for women had always been vibrant chaniya cholis and bandhani sarees.

For navratri celebrations, young girls generally dress up in navratri chaniya cholis and older women wear bandhej sarees and other traditional sarees. However, with the change in trends and modernization of ethnic wear, navratri dresses for women and girls too have undergone change and transformation.

Girls no longer want to wear the age old navratri chaniya cholis for the rustic look and women avoid traditional sarees for the boring look. Young girls and women today look for style and novelty in everything they wear and do. So to keep up with the spirit of the festival and please the hearts style savvy modern girls and women, fashion designers of today have created lehenga style sarees along with various other and stylish saree designs.

Lehenga style saree is thus a fusion of the traditional saree with the conventional lehenga choli such that the new ensemble is worn like a saree and gives the look of a lehenga. Along with imparting an ethnic look to the wearer, the dress also highlights the fashion sense and creative appeal of the woman.

These lehenga style sarees are today easily available in different fabrics, colors and designs in various online sarees shops. However, one online saree shopping store that has the best collection of lehenga sarees online is Gravity Fashion. The online saree shop not only has a massive range of lehenga sarees in unique designs, styles and hues but also houses the best quality and most reasonably priced lehenga sarees online.

Made from rich and lavish fabrics like silk, organza, tussar, pure georgette, net and tissue, these lehenga sarees are highly vibrant in colors and thickly embellished with golden and resham thread work along with gleaming stone embellishements. No wonder, such exotic sarees in unique lehenga designs are great for grand occasions and functions such as wedding ceremonies, sangeet ceremonies, grah parvesh and festivals.

As Navratri is a festival of dancing and dressing up well, lehenga style sarees offer the best option to wear on Navratri festival.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bollywood Sarees for Stylish and Sophisticated Women

Indian women have always loved to wear sarees for special occasions. While, saree is one of the most traditional and conventional Indian attire for women, it is also one of the most formal and flexible ensemble for women. However, how saree looks on a woman depends a lot on the kind of saree, draping style and personality of the wearer.
Deepika Padukone Ye Jawani hai Deewani Black Saree
Item Code: SADFS1020

So, if you wear the six yard garment in the same conventional style with the pallu either in front like Gujaraiti draping style or draped over the shoulder at one side like common Indian style, you are bound to look boring and outdated. And this is mainly the reason why many stylish and modern women of today are turning away from sarees in preference for other trendy and stylish clothes, such as western dresses, evening gowns and anarkali salwar kameez.

But have you ever wondered, while these modern style conscious women are turning away from sarees, their Bollywood counterparts and other famous fashionistas are infact wearing saree to every social and high profile event or function. Nearly all Bollywood actresses are these days spotted in gorgeous and attractive designer sarees in most Bollywood parties, award functions and other events.

Now what is making Bollywood divas pick sarees over evening gowns is not their love for Indian culture, which ofcourse there is but mainly their eye for the flexibility, creativity, feminity and beauty offered by this traditional ensemble. Bollywood sarees are therefore different in designs, fabrics and draping styles from conventional sarees.

These Bollywood sarees online are generally made from highly sophisticated and sensuous fabrics like net, tissue, organza, satin and chiffon. These sheer fabrics impart a highly sensuous and seductive appeal to the wearer. Chiffon sarees are especially famous for their use in rainy numbers and song sequences in Bollywood movies.

Also, unlike the conventional sarees, Bollywood sarees are available in a variety of creative and stylish designs such as Indo-western sarees, bikini sarees, lehenga sarees, ready pleated sarees, pre-stitched sarees etc. Like lehenga stylesarees that are worn like sarees but give the look a lehenga, there are gown style sarees that are worn like sarees and give the stylish look of an evening gown.

Now, with such gorgeous and stylish Bollywood sarees online, who would say that saree is a boring dress. Visit any online saree shop and browse through the collection of latest design Bollywood sarees online and you will be tempted to buy Bollywood saree online.

However, before you make a decision and buy saree online, you must consider the place from where you are shopping online. One trusted and authentic place to buy Indian ethnic wear online is Gravity Fashion, a leading online shopping store for Indian ethnic clothing. Happy shopping and take care.

Latest Designer Dresses for Navratri 2013

Blue And Teal Green Net Saree 
Item Code: SAHTXD103

Melodic Black & Brick Red Salwar Kameez 
Item Code: VI37551

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Enjoy Festival Season with Fabulous Ethnic Clothes 2013

Mid monsoons mark the beginning of the big and long festive season in India. Starting from Independence day and Raksha Bandhan, lined up are a host of festivities like Eid, Durga Puja, Janam Ashtmi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Karwa Chauth, Vijaya Dashmi, Dhan teras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, the list seem to be endless. All these festivities call for grand celebration with feasting, dancing, merri-making and dressing up for the auspicious occasions.
To make your festival season special and memorable, ethnic fashion has transformed to include a variety of bright colored and trendy looking ethnic garments that includes latest design salwar kameez, designer sarees, party lehengas, navratri chaniya choli, Bollywood replica sarees, latest design men's kurtas, men's joghpuri suits and many other festive and navratri dresses for men.

Adding pizzas to the fun is the fact that all these gorgeous festive traditional clothes are now easily available online at the click of the mouse in various online saree shops. One such online shopping store where you can find the latest and hottest in traditional festive fashion for occasions like Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Karwa Chauth etc. is Gravity Fashion.

While, the store specialises in wedding couture and other fashionable Indian ethnic garments to celebrate the festival season and provide the best deals to their customers for the special ceremonius days and occasions, the store has housed an unparalleled collection of special traditional outfits especially meant for joyous festive occasions.

What makes these Karwa Chauth special anarkali dresses, Durga Puja special sarees and Navratri special chaniya choli, Ganesh Chaturthi special salwar kameez online is the fact that these festival wear are characterised by vibrant colors, eclectic designs, and the most opulent gold and resham thread work for that ultimate glorious and special traditional appeal.

The traditional wear in no way compromise with the latest trends and styles so as to give you the best of festival wear that is high in style and yet in keeping with the tradition and culture as demanded by the occasion. Just visit any online saree shop and you will be amazed by the sheer variety in design and fashion in this upcoming 2013 ethnic festive wear.

However, to grab the best festive outfits 2013 for different festivals and occasion, the best place to buy festive salwar kameez online is Gravity Fashion. The store not only provides high quality garments but also gives the best deals. So indulge in your senses and enjoy this festive season with fabulous ethnic clothes 2013.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Chaniya Choli Dresses for Navratri Night Garba

Divine Greenish Blue Lehenga Choli
Divine Greenish Blue Lehenga Choli
Item Code: IV92215

A Line Lengha Choli In Green And Purple Color
A Line Lengha Choli In Green And Purple Color
Item Code: CSL2024

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Navratri Dresses 2013: Grab the Vibrant Look with Attractive Bandhej Sarees

Navaratri nights are looked up with craze and interest especially for their 'garba' and 'dandiya' dancing. Young girls and boys, not just enjoy the dancing and feasting part but also enjoy greatly the dressing up part of the festival. Infact, along with garba and dandiya, the other big craze of the festival are the latest design bandhej sarees.    

Picking Up the Best Wedding Sherwani for Your Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is celebrated with great pomp and fun in India. Both bride and groom dress up in traditional formal clothes to look their ethnic best for the occasion. While, girls mostly go for lehenga choli as their bridal dress or wedding outfit, men chose to wear wedding sherwani for the grand occasion, given the opulence and glamour of both of these garments.

Off White Color Banarsi Silk SherwaniJust like a bridal lengha, mens wedding sherwani too reflect the culture and heritage of Indian wedding. A wedding sherwani typically is a long coat like garment that is worn over either a tight churidar pyjamas or a pathani salwar. A complementary stole in contrast color can be carried to enhance the grandeur and appeal of the overall attire.

Unlike, other sherwani for men, designer wedding sherwanis online are generally a little longer in length and are buttoned up in front with heavy embroidery on the neck, shoulders and sleeves. These sherwanis also boast of rich and thick embellishments such as pearls, stones, gems and glitters. These designer wedding sherwanis online are designed and stitched keeping in mind the ongoing trends and modern fashion style.

No wonder, we have today a large variety of wedding sherwanis available online at various online fashion shopping stores and also in the local markets and the malls. Obviously, one is bound to get confused by the sheer variety and diversity of wedding sherwanis for men. So if you have a wedding on cards and are finding it difficult to make a choice among the plethora of options available, worry not, we are here to help you.

First of all, before you go shopping for your wedding sherwani, you must make a clear idea of what kind of sherwani will suit your personality and budget. Once, that is decided, you should then ascertain the store from where to buy the sherwani rather than wasting time by visiting one shop to another. And if you are already running out of time, you must be absolutely clear with both the kind of sherwani you want to buy and store from where you need to buy.

In any case, the best place to buy mens wedding sherwani is online. Not only you can browse through a plethora of options to ascertain what type will suit you but also save on your valuable time and effort. So, while making the selection your foremost concern should be the fabric used to make the ethnic wear. It is very important to choose right kind of fabric that not just goes with your budjet but also look fine on your body.

The next thing is to consider the design and style of sherwani, which suits your physique and personality and which you would simply love to wear on your special day. Finally, you must also ascertain the color of your outfit. If you want to match it with your bride's outfit, you must decide the color accordingly.

Last but not the least, it doesnt matter whether you are going for tailor made suit or readymade ones, but the most important thing is the fitting and level of comfort that you obtain, when you wear it. Now the best place to buy wedding sherwanis online where you can easily get all your criterias fulfilled is Gravity Fashion, an online store especially dedicated to the latest and hottest in wedding couture and ethnic fashion. You can also find great bulk deals and offers for wedding shopping.

Friday, 23 August 2013

One Minute Saree In Different Designs

Pretty Pink Shaded Net Lehenga Saree
Pretty Pink Shaded Net Lehenga Saree
Teal And Blue Shaded Net Ready Pleated Saree
Blue Shaded Net Ready Pleated Saree
Enamoring Green And Blue Net Ready Pleated Saree
Green And Blue Net Ready Pleated Saree
Turquoise Color Georgette Lehenga Saree
Turquoise Color Georgette Lehenga Saree

Off White and Red Shade Lehenga Style Saree
Red Shade Lehenga Style Saree

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why Pick Bridal Lengha as Preferred Wedding Attire Over All Other Wedding Outfits

Lehenga choli is one of the the most traditional and ancient outfits for women. A typical lehenga choli comprise of a long heavily flared skirt coupled with a tight short blouse as choli and a dupatta.
Over the course of the years, this typical and traditional lehenga choli has transformed to give birth to designer lehenga which is all encomsapassing in style, trend, and elegance.

Lehenga choli today is regarded as one of the most trendy outfits for women and yet it retains its traditional royal aura and queenly attributes. So, no wonder, lehenga choli is the first choice of every Indian bride when it comes to picking up the right bridal outfit for herself. When on the wedding day, all eyes are on the bride and her outfit, the outfit must never be less than perfect.

Every bride desires to look like a royal princess on the day of her wedding and no other outfit can impart this queenly aura that a well designed bridal lengha for the bride. When we talk about royal qualities of Indian lehenga choli, wer cannot miss the mention of Rajasthani lehengas, which have become a recent craze among fashion designers for their opulence and royal nature.

Typical Rajasthani designer lehengas are heavily flared and richly embroidered and can immidiately transform any girl into a living princess of the bygone era. So even if you do not wear much make up or chunky jewellery, the aura of this bridal lengha is such that it can turn you into a splendid looking bride without any additionals or accessories.

However, if you are looking for something more stylish and contemporary, you can go in for the latest design fish tail bridal lenghas online or the Indo-western lengha choli online. Fishtail lenghas are designed in a way to bring out the best feminine attributes in the most elegant and attractive manner. Comprising of a long skirt which is tight at the top and flared at the bottom along with a stytlish choli, a fishtail lehenga imparts the look of a royal mermaid or water fairy to the bride.

Indo-western lehengas are designed after evening gowns and western dresses to impart a sophisticated and trendy look to the bride. While, fishtail lehengas are perfect for brides with great silhoutte, Indo-western lehengas are best for style savvy brides. Such is the diversity and versatality available in bridal lehengas today that you can easily carry any look you want for the most important day of your life.

With such beauty, elegance, diversity, creativity, flexibility and opulence offered by a designer bridal lengha can beat any other outfit as the perfect wedding outfit. No wonder, lehenga choli is the most preferred wedding outfit for most brides. So, if you have wedding bells ringing for you soon, we suggest you to go for a well designed bridal lengha apt for your taste, figure, budget and personality as the perfect bridal outfit for yourself.

You can check out the latest bridal lengha designs online at Gravity Fashion, an online fashion store retailing in wedding couture and fashionable Indian ethnic garments for men and women. The store offers some of the best designer bridal lenghas online at highly reasonable prices. You can also buy bridal lengha online from gravity fashion at whole sale price along with other wedding outfits.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Best Place to Buy Traditional Indian Salwar Kameez

Traditional outfits are back in fashion. What was once considered to be traditional and outdated, is today regarded as trendy and fashionable. So girls, it is high time to take your favorite salwar kameez out from the closet and wear this outfit to the next happening party in town and garner all compliments and praises from onlookers.

Today, salwar kameez is available in a variety of different designs and styles. Most popular among these are Pakistani salwar kameez and anarkali salwar kameez. These days, with the availability of latest design designer suits and advent of online shopping, you can also find Bollywood replica salwar kameez and other salwar kameez designs worn by celebrities and famous Bollywood actresses online without any additional cost or charges.

No wonder, online shopping is the best way to find diffrent and unique designs of latest desaign Indian ethnic garments, especially, salwar kameez online. Not only, you can have access and availability of a large variety of different designs and in styles but you can slo find great bargains, best offers etc. online.

Moreover, online shopping is free from from the hassles of spending enormous time visiting each individual shop to find your favorite outfit, or spending hours searching for the right parking space to the nusance of pest like sales persons who drive you nuts to pick a particular product you don't like or want. Online shopping is thus hassle free and timeless. Rather it is more of fun and relaxation.

No the best place to shop online. While, online shopping has all the advantages of hassle free, timeless and influence free shopping along with a plethora of options and offers to pick from, it also carries tremendous risk. Since, you cannot touch or feel the fabric, quality can be doubtful along with the payment of options and delivery system.

It thus becomes imperative that you buy salwar kameez online from some good and reliable online shopping store and reap all benefits of online shopping minus the risks. One such place to buy Indian ethnic clothes online is Gravity Fashion, an online shopping store retailing in wedding couture and latest design Indian ethnic clothing.

Not only will you find highest quality Indian ethnic garments especially the latest design anarkali suits online and pakistani salwar kameez online but also a large variety of ethnic dresses such as Bollywood sarees, designer sarees, lehenga cholisa, bridal lenghas, sherwanis and men's kurtas at great affordable prices.

Reliable payment options and quick delivery makes online shopping at Gravity Fashion all the more fun and fascinating.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Ready To Ship Products By Gravity Fashion on Raksha Bandhan

Luscious Buttercream & Navy Blue Salwar Kameez
Item Code: VI37547

Fancy Black & Brick Red Salwar Kameez
Item Code: VI37544
Blue Color Printed Faux Crepe Saree
Item Code: SAHTX1251

Green Color Net And Velvet Anarkali Suit
Item Code: SKSE18713
Green Printed Faux Georgette Saree
Item Code: SAHTX1256A

Adorable Faux Georgette Saree In Maroon Color
Item Code: GFS1065
Magnificient Buttercream & Pink Embroidered Saree
Item Code: GFD8220

To buy this product, you can either visit our website or you can send us your request at with the Item Code.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Floor Length Anarkali Suit: 2013 Biggest Fashion Trend

Fashion world is ever changing and evolving. However, from past quite sometime, the trend is in favor of the ethnic wear with the fashion designers experimenting with different Indian dresses such as sarees, salwar kameez and lehengas to create new trends and fashions. Among all these traditional Indian dresses, what has occupied the intertest of designers and fashionistas the most is salwar kameez.

With its inherent comfort and convienience coupled with its exotic looks, Indian salwar kameez has created a nice in itself in the world of fashion. With a few modifications and alterations, you can have a number of different styles and designs of Indian salwar kameez. And so we have, Pakistani salwar kameez, Patiala salwar kameez, Anarkali salwar kameez, and churidar salwar kameez.

Parineeti Chopra Red And Pink Georgette Lehenga Choli
Parineeti Chopra Red And Pink Georgette Lehenga Choli
Item Code: GFRJ1007
To buy, visit:

While, all these different varieties oif Indian salwar kameez look extremely great and gorgeous, it is the floor length anarkali salwar kameez that has captured the major chunk of attention and appreciation both at the hands of fashion designers and young fashionistas alike. No wonder, anarkali dresses sweepingthe floor are the latest rage of 2013 fashion.

Women everywhere are wearing this queenly trend to look hot, updated and imperial. After all, no other attire can impart such opulence and charm of a royal world than a nicely designed and well-stitched anarkali dress. Given such opulence and charm, the dress definitely makes for the best formal wear.

Although, the attire looks a lot like a typical anarkali dress, it gives the illusion of a royal princess gown owing to its long length and elaborate flares. The sleeves of the kameez are usually full length, sometimes they are styled with pleats around the wrist. Made from lucxurious fabrics like silk, organza, net, tissue, velvet, georgette and chiffon, these elegant pieces make excellent wear for ccasions like marriage, receptions and festivals.

You can find a large varieties of floor length anarkali suits online in different styles, designs, work, fabrics and colors to suit your different tastes, personalities, moods and choice. So depending upon your taste, mood, desire and personality you can easily buy floor length anarkali dress online. However, onething to be careful of is from where you are buying your anarkali dress as market today is loaded with different kinds of dresses and styles.

While, you can easily find anarakali dresses online, the best place to buy anarkali salwar kameez online is Gravity Fashion. Not only will you the latest and hottest designs in this genre but will also find highly gorgeous Indian ethnic dresses at highly reasonable prices. Their delivery and shipping policy too is convenient and easy to follow. So to look your best, wear the season's greatest trend and buy it from the best online store.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Beautiful Collection of Kurtis in Paki Style

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013

Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013Damak Summer Kurti's Collection 2013