Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bollywood Sarees for Stylish and Sophisticated Women

Indian women have always loved to wear sarees for special occasions. While, saree is one of the most traditional and conventional Indian attire for women, it is also one of the most formal and flexible ensemble for women. However, how saree looks on a woman depends a lot on the kind of saree, draping style and personality of the wearer.
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So, if you wear the six yard garment in the same conventional style with the pallu either in front like Gujaraiti draping style or draped over the shoulder at one side like common Indian style, you are bound to look boring and outdated. And this is mainly the reason why many stylish and modern women of today are turning away from sarees in preference for other trendy and stylish clothes, such as western dresses, evening gowns and anarkali salwar kameez.

But have you ever wondered, while these modern style conscious women are turning away from sarees, their Bollywood counterparts and other famous fashionistas are infact wearing saree to every social and high profile event or function. Nearly all Bollywood actresses are these days spotted in gorgeous and attractive designer sarees in most Bollywood parties, award functions and other events.

Now what is making Bollywood divas pick sarees over evening gowns is not their love for Indian culture, which ofcourse there is but mainly their eye for the flexibility, creativity, feminity and beauty offered by this traditional ensemble. Bollywood sarees are therefore different in designs, fabrics and draping styles from conventional sarees.

These Bollywood sarees online are generally made from highly sophisticated and sensuous fabrics like net, tissue, organza, satin and chiffon. These sheer fabrics impart a highly sensuous and seductive appeal to the wearer. Chiffon sarees are especially famous for their use in rainy numbers and song sequences in Bollywood movies.

Also, unlike the conventional sarees, Bollywood sarees are available in a variety of creative and stylish designs such as Indo-western sarees, bikini sarees, lehenga sarees, ready pleated sarees, pre-stitched sarees etc. Like lehenga stylesarees that are worn like sarees but give the look a lehenga, there are gown style sarees that are worn like sarees and give the stylish look of an evening gown.

Now, with such gorgeous and stylish Bollywood sarees online, who would say that saree is a boring dress. Visit any online saree shop and browse through the collection of latest design Bollywood sarees online and you will be tempted to buy Bollywood saree online.

However, before you make a decision and buy saree online, you must consider the place from where you are shopping online. One trusted and authentic place to buy Indian ethnic wear online is Gravity Fashion, a leading online shopping store for Indian ethnic clothing. Happy shopping and take care.



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