Monday, 21 January 2013

Tips While Shopping For Your Bridal Trousseau

The moment wedding is finalized, wedding planning begin both at the girl’s and boy’s side. The activity that occupies most of time and energy is shopping for the bridal trousseau. Bridal trousseau is mainly comprised of beautifully designed Indian traditional dresses and matching accessories. If you too is in the same category and perplexed in making your trousseau upright, read on some useful tips to consider while shopping clothes for your post wedding
The traditional outfit that is must have in your trousseau is Indian designer saree. You must have at least 8-10 both party wear sarees and casual wear sarees in your collection.  You can also add ready pleated sarees which will not only form the part of your trousseau but also give you utmost comfort to drape a saree without any hassle or assistance. Buy sarees online from Gravity Fashion in every fabric like georgette, crepe, net, cotton with beautiful embroidery of sequins, crystals, beads, laces work are always in and you can wear at any time of the year. Also while selecting colours in sarees, pick bright and contrast colours. Since a newlywed looks gleaming in vivid hues.

Salwar Kameez is also yet important component of your trousseau that cannot be ought to miss. Salwar kameez not only gives you comfort to wear and carry but also suits you no matter the physique or body type. Festival wear suits, party suits, casual cotton salwar kameez are the must have factors of your bridal trousseau. Newly wedded brides appeals special in salwar kameez fabrics like brocade, silk, crepe donned with metallic embroidery, silver or gold thread work, crystals etc. Since red, pink, green, blue are auspicious wedding colours; so make sure to buy salwar kameez online in these propitious hues. 

Indian traditional outfit lacks perfection if we not talk of designer lehenga choli. While opulently embroidered lehenga is perfect bridal outfit, you can also stock up your wardrobe with party lehengas or also add lehenga style sarees in your trousseau collection.

These days availability of latest designed Indian outfits with perfect tailoring and reasonable prices in online store like gravity fashion has made the shopping spree easier and exciting to indulge in. You can stock your trousseau collection online from gravity fashion with ease and convenience.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

How to Look Slim and Attractive in Indian Wear – Tips for Plump Women

Is there anyone who doesn’t desire for a perfect slim figure? Who is not fond of flaunting her extra feminine curves in Indian wear that adds different dimensions to your personality? But unfortunately, none of us are born with a supermodel figure.  Some of you work laboriously on treadmill to fit in your bandwagon dress while some hold back on meals or high calories foods, but perhaps we never get that toned figure of our dreams.  However, there is yet tricky solution to look slim and attractive in Indian ethnic dresses. Here are some lucrative trips for all of you who want to appeal slimmer than what actually are.

Lehenga Choli
  1.   If you are wearing a salwar kameez or lehenga choli, never opt for gathering in material and also do away any kind of frills. Frills or gatherings tend to add a heavier look so should always be avoided. 
  2.  If heavy top is your concern, never choose a fabric that fit tight to your upper portion.  Also  stay away from frills near the neck lines.
  3. Women with heavier bottom should swear by longer length designer Anarkali suits that conceal your bulky hips.    
  4.  Replace your Patiala salwar kameez with a churidar salwar kameez. Churidaar gives a toned look whereas Patiala salwar adds more volume to one’s physique.
  5. You can also swear by stylish Indian kurtis of little loose fitting but pick a one that instead of flaring at the bottom should have a narrow bottom.
  6. Designer Crepe ready pleated sarees or fine silk sarees are the one that add wonders to make you appeal slimmer whereas heavy silk saree or chiffon sarees do the opposite for you.
  7. Designer sarees with light embroidery and sequined work also looks subtle whereas big patches or heavy embroidery adds more volume to your outlook.
  8. Ditch your platform sandals and go for stylish high heels. This not only gives you a perfect walk but tends to make you taller and therefore, less fat.
  9. While tying your hair, go for a high bun or French bun or can also go for high pony tails as well.
  10. Make sure to choose a one colour Indian dress. Mix matching different colours in one dress will make you look vulnerable where one colour salwar kameez or saree from top to bottom imparts slim and tall look.
  11. If you a lover of printed sarees available in leading online stores like gravity fashion or suits pick them with smaller prints

Indian dresses are very good in concealing your extra flab and making you appeal thinner. You just have to follow these simple tricks and feel confident in ethnic wear.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Western Influence on Indian wear

Green Anarkali Suit
With westernisation in all spheres of our lives, Indian dresses have also been hunted by the western affect. How many of you swear by those dhotis or plain sarees like our ancestors used to? Well, the count must be very less. We all live in a fashion era that absorbs diverse foreign trends completely into Indian trends such that it becomes difficult to identify its true origin. 

Let’s have a look on the major reasons for western influence on Indian ethnic wear:

Affect of Globalisation

The globalisation has made all countries closely knitted and inter-connected with one other. As a result the western fashion is embraced in India and the fashion designers have woven touch of western cuts and designs on Indian dresses. This is very evident in designer sarees with strapless blouse, stringed blouse or backless blouse. 
Indian Women Winning Crowns on International platforms

In recent years, many of Indian women having won international beauty pageants have made the country feel proud and no wonder their dressing style influences women’s fashion in India. The dresses adorned by them are intermingling of western and Indian trends; thereby these become the latest fad amongst general folks to follow.

Bollywood Movies

Bollywood is recognized as the biggest trend setter and whatsoever is happening in movies is imitated by most of us. Bollywood apparel designers make it a point to add glamour in Indian dresses. For instance the traditional Anarkali salwar kameez is patterned into long length flared Anarkali commonly known as Indian one piece dress, a counterpart of western one piece. Most of movies follow western patterns in dressing and thereby it is natural on our part to swear by Bollywood fashion quotient.

Impact of Liberalization

With liberalization imports from different countries is flooded in India and it became easier to trap latest western fashion in clothing. As a result, fashion designer have engraved western designs in wedding lehenga choli, salwar suits, ready pleated sarees and alike keeping in mind both the western and Indian sensibilities.

Use and throw concept
Designer Anarkali Suit

Street wear trend commonly recognized as use and throw concept in clothes is highly popular in western countries and thereby is slowly firing up in India. Street wear clothes are inexpensive with low grade quality that are worn a couple of times and then discarded. While Indian designer dresses available in leading online store like gravity fashion are highly durable and made from fine fabrics like cotton, georgette, silk, etc. People in India are adapting Street wear concept in casual wear but for formal occasions they prefer traditional designer dresses.

The theme and essence being the Indian fashion scene is entirely under the impact of the west. The patterns and designs have been proficiently entangled into the Indian Fashion Industry.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Different Designs in Salwar Kameez

The fashion presenting diverse concepts in all forms of clothing, salwar kameez does not lag behind when it comes to various styles and types. You must all be familiar with salwar kameez, the traditional and most comfortable women’s outfit. Let’s have a look on experimentations by designer in salwar kameez and numerous styles delivered by them.

Patiala Salwar Kameez

Patiala Salwar Kameeez reflects true Punjabi tradition and culture. This type of salwar kameez is the perfect parties wear choice of women belonging to Punjabi culture. Patiala salwar is designed very uniquely from a normal salwar. It has several pleats and narrow ankles and is also much baggier than a plain salwar. To add a special touch, the ankles of the salwar are also embroidered. 

Kameez in Patiala suit is kept little shorter in length to display the grace of salwar magnificently. Also the dupatta is designed as per the concept of the suit. 

Anarkali Salwar Kameez 

Salwar Kameez Pattern
Anarkali salwar kameez is the happening fashion trend amongst teens, young and middle aged women. Be it is Bollywood’s glam dolls or regular ladies; Anarkali is spotted worn by every Indian lady. 

The flowing material and frock style long length kameez flatters all figures. The latest trend in Anarkali suit is that of toe touching kameez almost hiding the churidar much commonly popular as Indian version of one-piece. 

Besides this, four piece designers Anarkali suit is also very popular. An A-line kameez beyond the knees, a chridaar with numeral pleats around the ankles, a dupatta and a long flair jacket on top. This classy combination is also very much in these days. Moreover, the embroidery of sequins, zari, resham and much more make enhance the charm of this ethnic dress manifolds. 

Churidar Salwar Kameez

This is yet another girlish and modern version of salwar kameez. It can also be considered as Indian version of skinny jeans. Skin-fitted salwar with several pleats at the ankle is yet another popular form of salwar kameez. The kameez can designed as per choice. One can have short length, mid or even length with churidaar. The dupatta can be embellished with modern laces and borders.

So if you also fond of adding different styles of designer salwar kameez in your wardrobe; grab salwar suits online from Gravity fashion, which is the leading online fashion studio bestowing you traditional Indian outfits per latest fashion and reasonable prices.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Style Check - Ethnic Wear Goes Global With Stylish Make-up

We all indulge in social gatherings, enjoy festive celebrations, attend weddings, hobnob and the main concern for most of you while stepping out is the perfect eye capturing look. We love ourselves and always try to pamper our looks trying different ethnic wear dresses, western numbers, hair styles, make ups, accessories, etc. So if you are also fetish for your looks and concern about every minute detail, Relax; you need not have to do much for this. Just follow the below mentioned tips and get ready to bang in the gathering.

Tips While Stepping Out In Festival Celebrations:
  •  Embroidered designer saree or embellished lehenga choli does wonders to grab you compliments in festival gatherings. Donning mang-tika is a great way to lime light your face
  • Highlight your eyes with mascara and eye liner
  • Team up a peach or plum eye-shadow with a matte lip colour. 
  • Compliment your looks with a neat and sophisticated bun accompanying it with a mid-parted hair.
  • This is complete ethnic yet classic look. Famous designer, Sabhyasachi's sarees and dresses swear by this elegant look.                                                                                            

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Essential Makeup Tips to Dazzle in Designer Sarees

You are all set to dazzle in the event with a perfect party wear saree, matching footwear, clutch, earrings and accessories. If you think all is done for a perfect picture look, think again. You are missing the biggest oomph factor in your appearance, the makeup. The ethnic appeal is enchanted the best when accompanying Indian traditional wear with fabulous makeup. 

Makeup should be altered as per dresses you are going to don up. Many of you mismatch makeup with designer wear dresses.  Don't worry; we will guide how to render your makeup perfect when adorning an Indian designer saree or lehenga style saree

Wedding Sarees

Saree is the traditional Indian dress adored by women since centuries. Even today all of you prefer to wear ready pleated sarees, party wear sarees, banarasi silk sarees on your special events. The gleaming attire will lose its charm when not complimented with appropriate makeup. Your make should be traditional to convey your ethnic appeal magnificently. 

Before you step in your cosmetics, make sure to clean your face using a good face wash. Dry out, dampen cotton ball with a cleanser and wipe off your face well to ward off deep set dirt and dust. Then follow a regular pattern of primer, concealer, foundation, compact powder, highlighter and blusher. 

Once your finish off with the base; the next step is beautifying your lips. Avoid dark and gaudy shades when donning a designer saree for an elegant and subtle appeal. We advise you using an outline lip pencil of lighter shade and applying the same lip shade to fill in the lips. Highlight your lips using a dark coloured lip gloss. This is the right way to add luster to your lips that compliments well with a sari.