Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Essential Makeup Tips to Dazzle in Designer Sarees

You are all set to dazzle in the event with a perfect party wear saree, matching footwear, clutch, earrings and accessories. If you think all is done for a perfect picture look, think again. You are missing the biggest oomph factor in your appearance, the makeup. The ethnic appeal is enchanted the best when accompanying Indian traditional wear with fabulous makeup. 

Makeup should be altered as per dresses you are going to don up. Many of you mismatch makeup with designer wear dresses.  Don't worry; we will guide how to render your makeup perfect when adorning an Indian designer saree or lehenga style saree

Wedding Sarees

Saree is the traditional Indian dress adored by women since centuries. Even today all of you prefer to wear ready pleated sarees, party wear sarees, banarasi silk sarees on your special events. The gleaming attire will lose its charm when not complimented with appropriate makeup. Your make should be traditional to convey your ethnic appeal magnificently. 

Before you step in your cosmetics, make sure to clean your face using a good face wash. Dry out, dampen cotton ball with a cleanser and wipe off your face well to ward off deep set dirt and dust. Then follow a regular pattern of primer, concealer, foundation, compact powder, highlighter and blusher. 

Once your finish off with the base; the next step is beautifying your lips. Avoid dark and gaudy shades when donning a designer saree for an elegant and subtle appeal. We advise you using an outline lip pencil of lighter shade and applying the same lip shade to fill in the lips. Highlight your lips using a dark coloured lip gloss. This is the right way to add luster to your lips that compliments well with a sari. 

Next step is highlighting the most accentuating feature of your face, the eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, so most effort should be directed while dolling up your eyes. If you want to look traditional and trendy at the same time donned in a Bollywood designer saree, feature your eyes with coloured eye lenses. Brush them with mix-match colours of eye shadows, followed by an eye liner and mascara. However if you are not well practiced in using eye shadows, you can alternate colored eye pencils for sparkling effect. 

Finish your make with a final touch of marvelous 'Bindi'. This is one of the 'solah-singaar' of Indian women. Pick a matching bindi with your Indian designer saree and always select the shape of bindi that matches well with shape of your face. 

Now, get into the planned hairstyle as you are finishing the makeup on your face. You must not skip to paint the toner that you have applied on face on your arms and neck too. This traditional make up get well with all traditional dresses available in online stores like gravity fashion from lehenga choli, sarees to Anarkali salwar kameez

With this, you are marvelously ready to attend your special occasion and enchant all the onlookers with your magnifying personality.



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