Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Indian Sarees - Tips for Selecting the Perfect One

Sarees are always the beloved dress of women. No matter the age, class or creed, Indian women from all stations of life love to don the six yard attire. With the trend of saris online shopping, the variety and depth is further glamorized and the reach is extended to every corner of the world. There are boundless types and styles in saris online from fabrics to colors, heavy to light, simple to glossy and much more. Only a detailed eye for selection is required to make the right pick.

One should buy saree keeping in mind body type, height and complexion. Always pick the one that adds a bling to your beauty. Most of women buy getting allured by designs, without giving importance whether it's suiting their personality or not. Saree is an outfit that shows womanhood in full glory. So it should be chosen meticulously keeping all factors in mind. Here are some tips to make your saree selection more fruitful and lucrative.
Casual Sarees
  • Women who are on higher side of the scale must choose saris made of fabrics like Georgette, Chiffon or Crepe. These fabrics hide the extra flab in figure, thus making her appeal slim and smart. Moreover the colors in saris should also be chosen wisely. Healthier women should go for darker hues like black, bottle green, hot pink, turquoise, etc. Dark shades make one appeal subtle.
  •  A tip for shorter women can appeal taller should experiment printed saris having little or no borders, this will prevent giant appearance and the women will surely appeal taller than its original height.
  • Thinner women should try their hands on fabrics like organza, cotton, net and tissue. These are starched fabrics on the fluffier side and give a voluminous appeal, thus make a thinner woman apparently gorgeous. 
  •  Apart from body type, complexion also plays an important role in bring out good personality. Ladies with wheatish or dark complexion should swear by soft and pastel colors while with fair complexion can go vivid and bright colors like pink, blue, yellow, orange, etc.

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