Thursday, 20 December 2012

How to Make your Sarees Durable and Long-Lasting?

Designer Sarees
Designer Saree
Indian Sarees are the must have outfits of every woman's wardrobes. Every woman has piles of sarees which are either passed on to her from generations or are stocked up during her wedding shopping. Every girl purchases her wedding sarees collection with great enthuse and excitement. Sarees are always expensive but if cared and maintained meticulously, can last long for years. Thus every saree needs to be maintained well. Here are some valuable tips for maintaining different types of sarees in varied material and types.

Cotton sarees

Since cotton has tendency to shed-off color with every subsequent wash, it should always be washed separately to safe other clothes from getting spoiled. Cotton sarees should never be soaked in water for longer duration instead should be hand washed. Prefer shade dry to prevent color fading and always starch cotton sarees after every wash to keep it fresh and intact.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees being delicate require more attention for their maintenance. Meticulous care should be given during its laundry. Use soft hand while washing by twirling under the sink and then gently squeezing out the water is the right way to treat chiffon designer sarees. Moreover, one should avoid using safety pins as it may shred the fabric.

Silk Sarees

Being supreme, most of the Indian bridal wedding sarees are crafted from the silk fabric. Being most delicate and fragile, dry-cleaning from professional is the right way to treat designer silk sarees. Moreover, these sarees should be ironed at moderate temperature to protect them from getting burnt.

Georgette Sarees

Georgette is also one of the leading fabrics for designing Indian wedding dresses. It is recommended to refold georgette sarees in short intervals of time or else tear may start developing on creases if left folded in the same position from a longer duration of time. 

Hopefully, above mentioned tips will help you to keep your sarees intact and glowing for a longer duration of time. However if you are looking for professionals guidance to treat your sarees in the right manner, you can consult the professionals online at gravity-fashion(dot)com

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