Sunday, 22 September 2013

Winter 2013 and Upcoming 2014 Wedding Fashion Trends for Men

In this fashion driven society of ours, men are no less far behind women when it comes to dressing up with style and statement. And when it comes to wedding wear, men are equally choosy and careful to pick up the right wedding outfit for themselves. So, with wedding season approaching near with the start of the festive season, it is time for a wedding fashion check for the latest trends and styles in men's wedding fashion.
And if you already have wedding bells ringing for you, following tips and suggestions on the latest styles in wedding fashion and wedding dresses for men will help you pick the right wedding outfit for yourself. As most of you would have guessed it right, the classic Indian wedding sherwani for men still dominates the aisle of designer clothes for men and wedding dresses for men in 2013.
Off White Maroon Silk Sherwani
While, wedding sherwani remains the most favored wedding outfit for Indian grooms, since the start of 2013, winter 2013 and approaching 2014 are going to witness many new styles and changes in this most popular wedding attire for Indian men. Before moving into the details of the latest designs and styles in wedding dresses for men, lets have a close look and knowledge about this traditional wedding attire for fashion men.
A typical sherwani for men comprise of a long achkan style coat worn over a draw string trousers, which either be a pathani pajama, Afghani Shalwar or a churidar. Churidar, however, being most sleek and elegant of all kinds of trousers and bottoms is most preferred as a lower for wedding sherwani for men. To enhance the look further, a stole is generally draped around the neck in a contrast color.
As fashion men of today have become more experiment oriented, they are drifting from the usual wedding sherwani for men in beige or off white color with a maroon stole to welcome and try bright new colors like crimson, turquoise, teal blue, forest green, ivory etc.
Instead of heavy embroidery on neck, shoulders and sleeves, many men are today, preferring light embroidery and stone work on the entire coat or sherwani for a gleaming and glittering appeal. So girls, beware, to bedazzle and stun the gathering is no more a sole bride’s domain, the new fashionable groom can now put his bride at the backseat when it comes to looking dazzling and stylish.
Another change that has been witnessed in wedding dresses for winter 2013 and coming 2014 is that most grooms or fashion men prefer geometrical patterns over traditional embroidery for a cool and chic appeal. After all, men are men and they cannot help picking masculine designs and patterns.



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