Thursday, 24 May 2012

Designer Lehenga Choli For Fashionable And Appealing Appearance

Bridal Lehenga CholiDesigner Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli has become an indispensable choice of the brides. They perfectly complement every style bride ranging from simple to sophisticate to modern to contemporary all. However in urban cities their demand is more but nowadays they have become favorites of rural places also.

Although this versatile wear suits all but still there are specific styles and colors that suit particular figure and complexion. Shopping for the bridal lehenga should be done with careful consideration as it is for the bride and moreover it’s for D Day. Thus lehenga has to be special.

Complexion of the bride is the main determiner in choosing the color of the lehenga. Deep Pink, Sky Blue, Peach, Sea Green etc are most suitable colors for fair skinned brides and complement them perfectly. Maroon, Red, Purple etc color lehnga choli enhances whitish skinned brides. Colors like yellow, orange, bright blue go well with dark skinned brides. Complementing color of the lehengas according to the skin tone is must for shining in the wedding. Also it makes both lehenga and bride photogenic.

A Bridal lehenga is incomplete without embroidery. Even if you are very simple but at least on your wedding adorn your lehenga with little embellishment. It adds dash to your personality. But do not over do it that it become too hard to carry.

Lehenga is a universal outfit and fits all body shapes. Brides prefer them as they lend ultra slimming effect to every body type. But still brides blessed with full figures should avoid wearing short cholis with the lehengas.

With regard to price this stunning outfit ranges from low to high. Though its low price is very high for some but do not forget in return it gives the same alluring look you aspire for. While there are some brides who are willing to do anything for getting arresting look so as to make other women envy of her.

The majestic qualities of Lehenga-Choli have made it a great bridal fashion, thus highly preferred in almost all over India. This breathtakingly beautiful attire with its outstanding grandeur will continue to enhance the beauty of Indian women for generations.

When you look for a dress you can either buy a readymade one or go for custom made. You can find these dresses at may fashion stores and also online fashion stores.


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