Thursday, 17 January 2013

How to Look Slim and Attractive in Indian Wear – Tips for Plump Women

Is there anyone who doesn’t desire for a perfect slim figure? Who is not fond of flaunting her extra feminine curves in Indian wear that adds different dimensions to your personality? But unfortunately, none of us are born with a supermodel figure.  Some of you work laboriously on treadmill to fit in your bandwagon dress while some hold back on meals or high calories foods, but perhaps we never get that toned figure of our dreams.  However, there is yet tricky solution to look slim and attractive in Indian ethnic dresses. Here are some lucrative trips for all of you who want to appeal slimmer than what actually are.

Lehenga Choli
  1.   If you are wearing a salwar kameez or lehenga choli, never opt for gathering in material and also do away any kind of frills. Frills or gatherings tend to add a heavier look so should always be avoided. 
  2.  If heavy top is your concern, never choose a fabric that fit tight to your upper portion.  Also  stay away from frills near the neck lines.
  3. Women with heavier bottom should swear by longer length designer Anarkali suits that conceal your bulky hips.    
  4.  Replace your Patiala salwar kameez with a churidar salwar kameez. Churidaar gives a toned look whereas Patiala salwar adds more volume to one’s physique.
  5. You can also swear by stylish Indian kurtis of little loose fitting but pick a one that instead of flaring at the bottom should have a narrow bottom.
  6. Designer Crepe ready pleated sarees or fine silk sarees are the one that add wonders to make you appeal slimmer whereas heavy silk saree or chiffon sarees do the opposite for you.
  7. Designer sarees with light embroidery and sequined work also looks subtle whereas big patches or heavy embroidery adds more volume to your outlook.
  8. Ditch your platform sandals and go for stylish high heels. This not only gives you a perfect walk but tends to make you taller and therefore, less fat.
  9. While tying your hair, go for a high bun or French bun or can also go for high pony tails as well.
  10. Make sure to choose a one colour Indian dress. Mix matching different colours in one dress will make you look vulnerable where one colour salwar kameez or saree from top to bottom imparts slim and tall look.
  11. If you a lover of printed sarees available in leading online stores like gravity fashion or suits pick them with smaller prints

Indian dresses are very good in concealing your extra flab and making you appeal thinner. You just have to follow these simple tricks and feel confident in ethnic wear.


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